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Minimalistic Kitchen
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Mr. & Mrs. Rambhiya is a senior couple who recently shifted from their bungalow to a luxurious 4 BHK flat in Matunga to cherish their post-retirement life of togetherness.


Despite the challenges thwarted to us by the country-wide lockdown, the entire project was seamlessly executed in coordination with the designer. Their convenience was our absolute priority and they found the kitchen layout to be quite convenient and flexible to their taste.

-Mr. & Mrs. Rambhiya

I am a father of an adorable girl and a husband of a wonderful woman. Despite my busy working hours, I always manage to spare some time in the kitchen for my family...I’m also a passionate cook!


Recently I decided to renovate my traditional Kitchen into a trendy modular kitchen. After diving deep into research, I was convinced that- Team Lumba is the kitchen makeover expert. 

-Mr. & Mrs. Sinakr