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Things to keep in mind while planning a Modular Kitchen in India

The Kitchen is the most used part of the house. Many women and families end up spending maximum time in the Kitchen. Some use the space as a family gathering space too, while cooking elaborate meals. Others prefer quick meals or hire professionals. Hence each person has distinct needs which need to be catered to, while designing a kitchen.

Before you begin planning a new kitchen, here are somethings you should be clear about:

1) Family Setup: If you live in a joint family with elderly people and children, then you should plan your storage at lower levels.

2) Will you hire professional help who will use the kitchen mostly? then you may want to store things used most by the help separately.

3) Stocking patterns: Do you stock for a week or for a month?

4) The budget: which is obvious

Once you have these steps sorted, think about the work flow. Usually, a kitchen involves cooking, stocking, washing, and an area to keep prepared food. Usually these areas should not be less than 3 ft apart, to avoid a crampy look. But much depends on the space you have. So Lumba will caters and designs your kitchen as per your planning and self-suggestions.


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