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The Kitchen From Start To End

You decided you want a new kitchen and yes it is quite an involved undertaking. You will need to determine what will be the best design and find the best suppliers at the best prices, schedule everything and live through the construction. Most of us are not sure where to start because we only go through this process once every 20 years or more. Our goal is to provide as much helpful information on our web site which will guide you through this challenging process. The following are the steps you will need to take:

Idea Phase

Some people dream about their kitchen renovation for several years until actually taking the first step. During this process there are several good places to look for ideas. One of the best places is other people’s homes. When you visit other homes you may find some great looking kitchens so ask your friends and family for advice. Another great place to find ideas is to visit kitchen showrooms in your area. Kitchen and bathroom design magazines as well as architectural and interior design magazines will always feature some of the most beautiful kitchens. However, as with most things nowadays, the best place to look is online.

Make a Sketch

If you can, it’s best to make a quick sketch with some dimensions. It doesn’t have to be precise or professional looking, but a sketch will help you talk to some kitchen professionals. If you can measure and add the dimensions of your walls, ceiling height, and openings (doors and windows) this will make it easy to start a conversation when talking to design professionals or walking into kitchen showrooms.

Design Professionals

Invite a design professional to your home or schedule an appointment at a kitchen showroom. If you are ready to get going it’s best to meet with some kitchen design professionals. Most kitchen designers, interior designers, and architects would be willing to come to your home for a complimentary design consultation and share some of their ideas with you. In some cases, it’s better to start with a meeting at a kitchen showroom because this will allow the kitchen designer to discuss various products and finish options with you.

Designing Your Kitchen

Keep in mind that good design must make 3 things all work together: price, style, and layout. It’s important to realize that your style or selection of the various products is almost completely separate from the layout. You can start with your kitchen layout place the various items where you would like them to be even before you decide on colors and types of materials because normally your finish selection can work with any layout you choose. One of the big challenges when designing a kitchen is to make it work within your budget. It’s useful to establish a spending budget for the entire project and start to break it down into the various product categories as you’re discovering how much things cost.

Deciding who your team will be

Of course the most important thing as with anyone you will be working with is to trust the people you will be working with. Most kitchen designers, contractors, architects, and interior designers would be willing to show you some design options and pricing in order to help you make a decision. Most people meet with more than one company. Although it is not always necessary what you like, trust the person you are meeting with. Once you decide you’d like to start the design process, most kitchen showrooms will request a design retainer which is similar to small deposit towards the purchase of your kitchen.


You should always start with the cabinets because everything revolves around the kitchen cabinets and that’s the most important part of the design. Your kitchen designer can help you select appliances based on your style and budget which will work with your kitchen cabinets. You will also need to purchase a countertop, sink, faucet, backsplash, lighting, flooring, accessories, and hardware. Typically your kitchen designer will be able to help you make all the decisions.

Delivery and installation

The most important thing to realize at this stage is that installing your kitchen is a process. No matter how good your kitchen design team and suppliers are it’s very rare that everything will be 100% easy and seamless. Removing your existing kitchen, measuring, designing, ordering, and installing a new kitchen is a complex engineering project so you should expect some unexpected delays and issues. However, if you’re working with a reliable kitchen supplier and good contractors you will find that they will be on your side through the process to make sure your kitchen will be completed to your satisfaction.

Service and Warranty

Since you’ll be using your new kitchen frequently (every day, usually many times a day) and since new kitchens are full of mechanics and technology, just like cars, kitchens need to be serviced. There may be some items that require repair and adjustments every year or two. Most people don’t think about this part initially but it’s important if you will be staying at home to check with your kitchen professionals about their service policy. If your kitchen supplier will service your kitchen every year and will honor a good warranty than you’re in good hands.

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