We are what we are because of the bond that we share with our clients, designers, partners and dealers.

We are the LUMBA community. 


Mr. & Mrs. Rambhiya is a senior couple who recently shifted from their bungalow to a luxurious 4 BHK flat in Matunga to cherish their post-retirement life of togetherness.

Despite the challenges thwarted to us by the country-wide lockdown, the entire project was seamlessly executed in coordination with the designer. Their convenience was our absolute priority and they found the kitchen layout to be quite convenient and flexible to their taste.


I am quite passionate about my profession which I make sure to reflect in my work standards and style. Lumba has always complemented the same for me.

Working with Lumba has always been an enriching experience. They combine my ideas and vision with their expertise and experience to create a wondrous space.

Mukti Nandu


The gorgeous project was executed in collaboration with a creative Interior Designer, Mukti Jain and thus, it was very important for us to match her standards.

Innovative solutions in an affordable budget...


I am a father of an adorable girl and a husband of a wonderful woman. Despite my busy working hours, I always manage to spare some time in the kitchen for my family...I’m also a passionate cook!

Recently I decided to renovate my traditional Kitchen into a trendy modular kitchen. After diving deep into research, I was convinced that- Team Lumba is the kitchen makeover expert. 


Along with my Kitchen, I got my entire home renovated in less than 50 days. This modular transformation has uplifted my lifestyle and I can experience it when I get compliments from my friends and relatives.

Mr & Mrs Mahesh

Pride Park, Thane

Mr. Mahendra Jain (Co-founder & Interior makeover expert at LUMBA) and his team have done a remarkable job! Lumba has won our hearts without hurting our pockets much. I would highly recommend Lumba to all those who consider their kitchens beyond ‘a kitchen’.

Innovative solutions in an affordable budget...


The best value for our money during our home renovation was Lumba...

I'm extremely happy with the service provided by Lumba, and with the way, our space turned out. I'd profoundly recommend them to anyone who is looking to renovate a house in the city of Mumbai.”

Ms. Sheetal Shah

Adani Height Andheri (W), Mumbai


I've my own interpretation for style and Lumba matches my standards each time.........

Working with Lumba was a great experience! They combined my ideas and vision with their expertise and experience, to come up with a beautifully designed space.

They not only considered what space was going to look like but also how efficiently it was going to be used.

Ms. Nidhi Chanchlani

TIMES featured budding Architect of Pune.

 I never knew makeovers could 

 happen overnight and boldly 

 impact your life to this extent...

Mum has been here an hour now and still can't believe this is the same place, she left in December. She loved the kitchen cabinets, the wardrobe and above all the island look. Thank you Mahendra Jain for this astonishing makeover. Thank you to the entire team Lumba!


Ms. Nishigandha

The Address- Wadwa, Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Despite being a young brand, it's their excellent service that made them so popular in recent years...

As a hardware dealer, I've been dealing with almost every leading brand in the market. I think it's the timely service and professional commitment that bound me so strongly with Lumba, and thus, I undoubtedly recommend them to my customers.

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-20 at 2.33.30 AM.

Mr. Deepak Sinha

Hardware Dealer,

Andheri, Mumbai

No matter how experienced you are, while designing a kitchen, I believe,

at times you really need handholding.

Lumba for me is creativity and consistency. As an interior designer, I seek to detail in every work that I do. Lumba I would say stays an inch ahead and executes my idea flawlessly. Thus,I personally feel, they deserve a round of applause.

WhatsApp Image 2020-10-20 at 2.34.29 AM.

Mr. Piyush Munot

Interior Designer,

Bandra, Mumbai


One family many dreams...

As a young company, we love expanding our limits and gifting happiness beyond expectations. Although we have our expertise in kitchens, we have stepped out beyond the Kitchen space too to fulfill our client's dreams. We, at Lumba, cherish the smiles that our creations bring on their lips, the moment they step into their homes after a tiring day”...

Our home was just in our imagination and Lumba made it real, seamlessly! Every nook and corner was recreated as per our desire...

Mr & Mrs Nalage

3 BHK at Nilkanth Greens, Thane


Study Table


Seater Table


Modular Kitchen


Slider Wardrobe


Modular Chester

Our trusted


We are honoured to have such refined and qualified Architects, Interior Designers and Entrepreneurs as our partners, in almost every junction of Mumbai city. Feel free to visit their showrooms and experience service like never before.


Mr. Pravin

Wood Arcade


Ms. Nazish



Mr. Babu



Mr. Jinesh

Ambika Kitchen