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All about Murabbas

Murabba in English is a sweet pickle or preserve. Also known as murraba or murrabo, is an Arabic word that refers to a savoury or sweet jam pickle or achar in many parts of Pakistan, Iran, and North India. Murabba is made by cutting fruits into medium-sized pieces and combining them with sugar syrup, cardamom seeds, and rock salt. The most common type of murabba is amla gooseberry. It is most commonly consumed as ‘Murabbas,’ which are sweet and spicy Amla balls. Amla Murabba boosts and strengthens the immune system. It is a safe and natural treatment for recurring infections such as colds and fevers.

Murabbas require very little cooking and is generally made in Indian households during the winter months. The Indian recipe for Amla Murabba is great as an immunity booster.


Ingredients for Watermelon Murabba

  • 500 gms Watermelon

  • 5 gms Onion seeds

  • 2 gms Bay leaf

  • 2 gms Star anise

  • 2 gms Cinnamon

  • 150 gms Sugar

  • 150 mls Vinegar

  • 1000 mls Water

  1. De seed

Peel, de-seed and cut the water melon into cubes.

  1. Boil

Boil water in a sauce pan for some time. Keep on boiling the water; add water melon, sugar, vinegar and the spices, onion seeds and bay leaves. Stir occasionally until the mixture becomes sticky.

  1. Serve

Remove from the heat and serve cold.


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